Nikki and Ryann Werner are sisters, best friends, roommates, partners, lovers… no, just kidding; they aren’t lovers, but they are very close. Born and raised in Miami, these sisters have been creating together their entire lives. In 2011, Ryann moved to Los Angeles to get her BFA at the University of Southern California; two years later Nikki joined her after graduating with a BFA from Emerson College. By day, Nikki bosses people around at a fancy tech company called Hutch; by night, she bosses Ryann around. Ryann, who has learned how to “take direction” well thanks to her older sister, has worked as an assistant for various writers, most recently working on Showtimes “White Famous;” she is currently developing her own projects.


Making Kismet together has been the most challenging (now, remember that they share a bathroom) and rewarding experience to date, and they are over the moon excited to share it with YOU!



Kismet is a scripted series about Long Island native, Becky Berkowitz, and her Jewish matchmaking business.  Becky sets out to secure her destiny in Los Angeles by controlling everyone else's. Watch one woman's relentless journey to becoming the chosen matchmaker for a community of chosen people.